1. Bigorexia

    Based on some of the posts I have seen on this site, I think a lot of people on here may have this condition....

  2. He doesnt have a 2-1 shoulder to waist ratio, so I think he should keep lifting.

  3. I wonder if there is a SpendsALotOnSupplementsorexia

  4. 2 things, he's never going to win a title and he needs some help on the unibrow

  5. LOL...I was laughing about the unibrow too! And he's one hairy mofo everywhere!

  6. The way I see it, competitive bodybuilders kind of have to have "bigorexia". Once you're satisfied with where you're at, the drive is gone, you're pretty much done. You can always be better IMO.

  7. I guess I can buy it as a psychiatric disorder. Although I have to wonder how many such disorders would disappear after slapping the living **** out of the some the people who supposedly have them.

  8. "SEVERE psychiatric disorder" Uh, right. Poor guy, he has this compulsion that makes him keep healthy and in shape.

    They treat it like it's the same as gambling or hard drugs where some people lose their cars, house, health, job...

    I can see that for some it is a "compulsion", yes. Dysmorphia, absolutely. But to take medication because you don't see your own size? Huh??

    I know the medication: Test, Deca, Tren, Drol, Var... :good:

  9. I have bigorexia... in other words, I do all i can do in my power to be a ****ing animal and strive to be the best i can. Better than being an alcoholic pothead retard like most of my peers.


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