When A Facial Tatoo Is A Bad Idea !!!

  1. Exclamation When A Facial Tatoo Is A Bad Idea !!!


    Perhaps an ankle tat would be better for a life of crime !

  2. looks like a winner....
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  3. Could that be likened to a permanent "dunce" cap?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tattoopierced1 View Post
    thats weird because this article says tells a different tale...

    11/6 UPDATE: After two days on the lam, Allgier was apprehended Saturday by SWAT officers at a Salt Lake City motel. Not surprisingly, after Allgier's photo was broadcast on TV, police received several tips regarding his whereabouts. According to cops, an armed Allgier barricaded himself inside a room, but was eventually nabbed after he went up into the building's attic and fell through the floor.

  5. I guess this must make it easy for witnesses to identify him.


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