Greatest Rock Song Of All Time ---post It!

  1. Greatest Rock Song Of All Time ---post It!

    I find that cleaning the house is much more pleasent with my mpg player stuck in my head. One of my favorite songs came on while i was mopping the floors and I thought to myself "This is the greatest rock n roll song of ALL TIME." From threads like this in the past I've noticed that we all listen to some varied music. So if you had to pick 1...what would it be..

    Hands down the greatest rock n roll song of all time


  2. Thunderkiss '65 by White Zombie.

  3. Iron Man, Black Sabbath
  4. Some of my Favorites

    These next ones aren't rock songs, but I still love Johnny Cash

    Ok if you don't like this next one, theres just something wrong with you!,


  5. ahhh yes creeping death...if i were ever in a situation where i needed entrance music, that would be the song.....lights go would here the guitar slide, and when the music hit the lights would go on the the crowd chant "die! die! die!"

    guess running for president is outta the question....or maybe not.


    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

  6. and youre all cheating by the way....1 song!

  7. Nutshell - Alice in Chains (Most unappreciated)
    Outshined - Soundgarden

  8. Led Zep - Kashmir
    Tool - Lateralis

  9. -all along the watch tower
    -cortez the killer
    -stiarway to heaven


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