I've been getting weekly allergy shots for almost a year so far.

For those of you who are also undergoing immunotherapy, you already know that these shots are given subcutaneously. However, for those of you with a relatively low bodyfat percentage, you also know it's hard to find much fat at the injection sites.

Roughly half the time, it seems as if my shots reach my tricep muscle. When this happens, this results with a dull ache, and it feels as if the muscle will knot up into a cramp if I train it while working out. This sensation lasts anywhere from few hours to a few days.

When the shots to NOT reach muscle, there is no aching/pain whatsoever. (I don't even feel the needles pierce the skin.)

For those of you with low bf and also get allergy shots, I'm curious to find out about your experiences/impressions, too. (Is it pointless to receive these injections if they end up in your muscle instead of the subcutaneous fat?)