i just got some free subliminal message software from what i have read sounds quite promising, ok there seem to be lots of possible bennefits the the that inerests e is that of increasd appetite,

Subliminal messages first came screaming into American consciousness in the mid-1950's when American market/motivational researcher James Vicary demonstrated the tachistoscope, a device used to flash consciously invisible messages on a screen which could be seen only by the subconscious mind. During one six-week test in a Fort Lee, New Jersey movie theater, involving 45,699 patrons, messages were flashed on alternate days over Kim Novak's calming face: "Hungry? Eat Popcorn," and "Drink CocaCola" During the six weeks, popcorn sales rose 57.7 percent and Coca-Cola sales rose 18.1 percent

ok i dont want to eat more pop corn or drink more cokecola
i just want to eat more,
in the software i hae put in my own messages like the following
i am hungry, i must eat more, i must drink more, i am always hugry ect ect

it seems to be increasing my appetite quite a lot after less than 30 minof tis software running i hardly even nottice it ts running right now,:good:
it might help increase strengh i will give that a try to