Need opinions, so I don't feel like I'm crazy.

  1. Unhappy Need opinions, so I don't feel like I'm crazy.

    I'd like some of you to chime in on situation going on in my life right now, let me set it up for you.

    There is this girl at work who I've had feelings for, for quite a while. We talk all the time not just about typical everyday bs but what could be thought of as so called "deep conversations", see each other outside of work and get along with each really well overall. I thought that she had some of the same feelings that I felt for her, but it turns out I was wrong and now there is sort of an underlying tension whenever we are around each other and it kills me. I thought I was reading the signals she was sending me pretty well, in addition to what I said earlier whenever we hung out she was extremely "hands on" whenever I was around her. Let me put it this way, if I touched her the way she touched me I probably would end up in jail, in addition to this I get home from work one day and look at my emails and see she has sent me some pictures so I open them up and there she is in her bathing suit in "suggestive" poses. Add to this the fact she always throws in some sort of sexual innuendo whenever I discuss certain things with her and I was feeling pretty damn confident in my chances. Well like I said earlier I was wrong and now I feel like a complete dip**** for asking her out, what I would like to know is was I reading these signals wrong and what some of you would do if a woman started interacting with you in the same manner? I appreciate any and all replies.

  2. sounds like you read the signs right, but sounds like another immature girl. I dont think you should feel like a a** at all, play it out, make her look like the idiot, get your confidence back, make it seem like you werent serious on asking her out, and it was all a huge joke....( I know its hard to do but people can be mean, so I say turn the situation around and make her look like the a**)............

    Above all confidence, act professional around her, but limit the interaction to just that, no more suggesstive emails, no more "hands on".....thats a fine line so be careful....

    I hope this makes sense, been a long day with 13, 2yr olds......I know what I want to say but is it clear....maybe not.....

    Good luck
    RIP Ryan, :(

  3. tattoopierced1
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    pointless thread without pics...


    your better off without her. she sounds like she is into playing games. write her off in your head and move on.

  4. In the words of the 40 year old virgin, "Punch her in the ****ing head, emotionally."

  5. You read her signs correctly. What you misinterpreted was her "motives". I would say she got what she wanted from your relationship,which was a responce of "being wanted". This type of female behavior is fustrating and is very common among girls in their early 20's, so now you know for next time. Don't let this one experience discourage you from pursuing other women, who may respond in a more affectinate manner. Might I suggest a movie called "A Company of Men" it's all about using people by manipulating their emotions. Good Luck!!!!

  6. Very possible has low self esteam and needs to get approval from others, hence the touching and emails to see how you react.

    Feel compassion for her as she obviously has more issues than you do. BUT and this is a BIG BUT, move on to greener pastures, the faster you do the faster she will be a distant memory.

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  7. cocktease

  8. Yea well Beelze said what I did but more straight forward

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  9. yea man you were sweat... id put it on her...say, my bad you were sendin me some signals, guess you didnt realize you were flirting heavily. its all good.

    and leave it at that. dont walk away with shame, its not your fault, its hers, put her in her place. tell her if thats not what she intended, then maybe she needs to chill on the flirting

    then go find some hot ass chick and get over it.

    oh and if you act like its weird btwn you 2, then she won...act like nothing happeenned and youre a MAN and some estrogen ridden bizzznatch cant get you bent out of shape...chicks hate that

  10. Thanks to all that responded, I had a pretty good idea that I was right in my assumption. Just needed a few outside views to confirm

    note to self: no more younger women, from hear on out its 30 and up.


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