I'm angry...

  1. Angry I'm angry...

    I saw the beginning of "Click" last night. You know - the movie with Adam Sandler and the remote control that lets him stop time, rewind, fast forward and all that... Well, there's a scene where the family's been planning to go on some gay trip and something came up at work where the husband/father (the "worker", of course) has to cancel the trip and work instead - or suffer negative consequences with his career..

    What the **** is the ****in' deal?! How many mother ****in' movies do I have to see this scenario in? Can your LAME BRAIN think of any? I can't right now. I'm too pissed off..

    So what the damn HELL is Hollywood trying to say?

    Yes, MY wife thinks I work too much. Part of her understands - she knows I'm EXTREMELY driven. It's part of why she married me. But part of her is also disappointed that I'm somewhat "distant". Well **** yeah, I'm distant! I run my own show (I don't have a boss) so I get to stay home all day. I control how much money I make - the more hours I put in, the more dollars come out.. My wife retired at the ripe old age of 25. We drive expensive cars, go on expensive vacations, eat at expensive restaurants, have expensive toys, yadda, yadda, yadda...

    So now, not only do I have to get the guilt trip from my Wife every now and then (yes, she does sometimes forget that I have to work very hard to support our lifestyle - and I don't blame her for wanting to spend time with me) - but I also have to watch the FAIRY GEEKS in Hollywood present this in every movie that portrays the husband giving up his job/career and going on that stupid vacation with the jackass kids and wife.

    OH! I do remember another movie I recently saw with this stupid scenario.. RV with Robin Williams...

    ANYWAY. So I'm here sitting on my billion dollar couch feeling like a ****IN' **** because the IDIOT on TV chose his FAMILY FIRST in the movies where Everything Always Works Out in the End!

    Why not make sequels to these movies showing what happens to the family after the ****in' man gives up his career to be a ***** mother?! Maybe mommy goes and gets a good, high-paying job or a new career.. RIGHT! Maybe the kids get jobs at Mc****ers and make a killing to support the family.


    Here's what REALLY happens... Sally Soccer Mom starts losing interest in Joe Sixpack (beer, not abs) and starts ****ing the neighbor who's spent the last 6 years pumping iron in prison. Now Mom's on crack, dad's drinking his sorrows away and the kids are out doing whatever they want until the cops finally pick them up and throw them in Juvie...

    Dad catches the whore ****ing the neighbor, shoots them both and spends the rest of his life in prison - or turns the gun on himself and spends eternity in hell. Well, I guess that's part three.

    Does this crap bother anybody else or did I just get a good burst of testosterone to put me in an aggresive-bad mood?

  2. LOL...Anger management...roid management....I really need to start reading these at home instead of at work.

    I need a beer and a flag


  3. LOL, i can relate to that Zero Tolerance, the wife/gf think that because your are your own boss you dont have to worry that much, but they dont figure out that been your ouwn boss its even more responsability and you have to go the extra mile to make things work, but i also think that its some kind of roid rage lol, take a break relax and sit and enjoy

  4. LMAO. Damn bro, are you sure you weren't injecting, reading a Muscle Mag, and drinking a Mountain Dew while you were watching that?

  5. hehe funny responses.. I'm just so tired of Hollywood making my average, no better than average life look like ****. In the movies, men want to "make love" to their wives CONSTANTLY like they're just as attracted to them 20 years later as the first time they saw her 18 year old vagina. Somehow, men in movies are able to swing having an amazing career, a beautiful, happy home with a Mercedes for everyone, no stress, a bodybuilder physique, and all the time in the world to spend going on picnics and being a Toys 'R Us kid. I don't know why my wife even stays with me. She was surely brought up expecting Prince Charming and a Knight in Shining Armor to sweep her off her feet. Am I that? Holy crap. Maybe I am. Right...

    I was brought up to expect to work hard until the day I die and give almost everything I earn to all the wives who divorce me over the years (I haven't been divorced yet).



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