Why do people look down on us?

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  1. Hey Iron Marc, don't feel bad about it bro, they just don't have our mentality about health and the human body. Education is always your best friend, you can tell them why you do what you do and the rest is up to them. If they don't understand then it's their problem, not yours. BTW, it's okay to drink every other week, but don't get sh!tfaced drunk

  2. I am glad to see that this thread got a lot of responses, I didn't expect so much support, I was just in a really bad mood one night and couldn't take how much criticism I was getting, even though what I was doing was healthy. I was feeling pressure to conform, "If you can't beat em', join em' " but that's not me, I can't stay more than 2 days away from the gym or else I feel like an unproductive piece of s**t. Which sucks, cause I really wanted to try the HST training, but 3 days a week only? It just hurt finding out the girl that I liked was as naive as the other people who "don't understand" why I do what I do. Lee Priest said " Bobybuilding isn't 40 minutes in the gym, it's a lifestyle." But why do people react to someone eating a can of tuna and let's say green beans for lunch the same way they would if they saw a guy wearing a speedo to class. I am getting off topic here, but mainly what people don't realise is that it goes beyond lifting weights and what you do in the gym, it's like hockey where you're only playing when you're on the ice, but most of the results from lifting weights doesn't come from the actual time spent in the gym, but what happens afterwards, mainly what you put into your body and rest. Which means ya, I might have to skip out on drinking or maybe I might have to go to bed before 1am, I don't have a problem with that because my goals are bodybuilding oriented. Some of my friends won't even eat with me because they are embarassed to be seen with a guy eating Cottage cheese, but they sit there and eat french fries covered in gravy with melted cheese over top. I can't wait for there metabolisms to slow down and then try to find the discipline to eat the way I do. Thanks for cheering me up guys.

  3. Its odd how they may be looking down at me all the while Im feeling superior hehe. I do have friends joke around me when they offer me junk food and I decline. They ask why and my answer is "Im perfect" haha always good for a laugh.

  4. dont worry about it bro, just keep doing your thing
    Sometimes the questions are complicated...
    And the ANSWERS are SIMPLE

  5. They look down on you for reviving a post from 2006
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Aleksandar37 View Post
    They look down on you for reviving a post from 2006
    I don't make sandwiches and I don't clean house BUT I do play PC games and lift weights. Instagram: unicorn_droppings_for_you

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