Hey new guy... want to earn some rep points?

  1. Smile Hey new guy... want to earn some rep points?

    Then understand that you have to EARN them! If you are new and want to build your reputation status, then you will need to know what most of us think warrents that addition to your rep points. There are a few things that people on this board want:

    1) Do not ask a question without doing some research on it, first!

    This is a good way to have somebody respond to you in a negative manner. There is a search button on the row that reads User CP, Rules, ect. It is the fourth link from the right. LEARN HOW TO USE IT!!!! Furthermore, if your question has more to deal with chemical compound properties or clinical studies (i.e., hormones that might affect your prostate, testies, gyno, ect.,) search an online scholarly journal... NOT A HTML!!!!! Web pages with no stats to back it up are worthless if you are looking for significant statistics and objective experiments.

    2) Spend time becoming familiar with a subject or thread group.

    It is a good idea to understand the vast quantity of knowledge that each thread group holds (i.e., weight loss, general chat, supplement articles, ect.) Posting a comment that has nothing to do with the thread or a comment that is so far off base from the topic will surely not land you any karma.

    3) If you do commit to a supplement (after much research of course,) keep an updated, detailed log.

    This is a great way to earn rep points. Others who are interested in this supplement will subscribe to your log and track your progress. Make sure you are either (A) not taking any other supps or (B) have been on your other supps for some time so that you know what is affecting you as you log your progress (choice [A] is preferred.) Take measurements, pictures, bf%, and weight of your body as you move forward. Feelings, thoughts, and moods are also extremely important. Make sure you post your work out schedule and as much details as possible, too. Lastly, maintaining a diet others can track (Fitday.com is great!) will give you a good amount of input and let others know your ideas.

    "Now that you are presently currently aware, my grammar sucks." Sorry for the run-on and fragment sentences. These are just some thoughts that may help you guys raise your rep points. And if you do commit to these suggestions, you will gain knowledge as you go (which is the whole purpose!!!)

    Good luck, people. I hope you gain that lean body mass and drop that fat you are all dreaming of!! Feel free to ask me anything and/or IM me on AIM. Let's keep the AnabolicMinds community moving forwards!



  2. Great post there HL...I'd rep ya but i'm all out this 24 hour period. I will definately catch you later though. Good info here.

  3. I got your back Jay, I hooked him up with some reps!
    Echo good post

  4. Thanks guys. Just trying to shed some light on the proper channels everyone should go through.

    That being said, you new guys can definitely ask questions. Just make sure you made an honest effort. Don't say, "Hi! Noob here with a question! I just start off using **insert gyno-causing substance here** and did some research. I couldn't find anything and was wondering if you could help."

    Ask a question, but bring something to the table. If you have an article, post it! Discuss it and listen to the feed back. But, be ready for counter arguements and don't be offended if people call you wrong. Some new guys fly off the hook and get banned from the site that way.

    Anyway (sorry about the rant), thanks for the compliments and I hope the new guys and gals enjoy your stay at AS


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