back injury

  1. back injury

    damn im in some pain even with pain killers but i know for a fact i pulled a muscle in my back (middle left) and i keep jumping, maybe some nerve damage ?? i dunno but give me some things to do to help me recover the fastest. i know im getting plenty of sleep already, trying not to use my back, and quit working out for now.

    whats some supplements that help you recover any better from injuries, kill pain good, etc. only thing i can think of is massage my back with one of those vibrating things to relax the muscle and take 20g of glutamine to help recovery (prob. wont do crap but i got it already so might as well use it). i figure, it claims it helps to recover from workouts, maybe help me recover from my injury ?

    ight thanks fellas, peace.

  2. Don't do deadlifts

  3. Originally posted by Colibri
    Don't do deadlifts

    and squats. thats what did it. i already hurt my back a little bit previously, but pain went away ... so i thought i was fine. helllll no, when it came to back day. the squats and deadlifts were to much pressure and thats what put it over the top ... and damn my back killing me man.

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