Get your asses on Zoints!

  1. Get your asses on Zoints!

    I need more people in my network to make my self worth or percieved self worth increase!

    Jayhawkk's Zoints Profile

    Admin has made a sticky about this already but you all seem to be sitting on your butts! Videos, PM's,Videos, more PM's and videos!

  2. Haha, yeah I think that you're the only person in my network right now Jay! lol So, I feel your pain. CallMeClark's Zoint's Profile

  3. Add to this thread with yo profiles, *****es!

  4. Forget the video's, my newest video Trumps all

  5. lol Clerks?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CallmeClark
    lol Clerks?

  7. haha nice. Yeah, that's a classic.

  8. Heh, indeed. It grows.

  9. Free naked people at Zoints, sign up and then go to Jayhawkk's page for a thrill

  10. SWEET! How did you know I was a fan of sheep, FnF?

  11. Okay, added another friend but I know there's more out there!

  12. You already got me dude.

  13. Ziricote's Zoints Profile
    I need to get my shi'ite together

  14. Here's mine, but I'm still messing with it with what time I have. I did find a good video for my media though. Very fitting, go check it out... Zoints

  15. I'm there, need to find a new video now

    Viperspit's Zoints Profile

  16. I know there's more out there. Get to Zointing!


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