Surgery... Can't lift for two weeks after

  1. Surgery... Can't lift for two weeks after

    So I have a varicocele, and will be having a varicocelectomy in a few days and the doc recommends I don't lift for at least 2-3 weeks after sugery. Anyone else here have this procedure done, how long did it take before you could do all the same movements?

  2. I had a Hydrocele while in college, my right testicle sac blew up to tha point I couldn't lay on my stomach. This was in a matter of a few weeks too. I seriously thought I had cancer and was going to die, but tha good news I lived to forever be called "Super Nut" by my housemates.

    I know varicocele and hydrocele are similiar but I forget how and I'm pressed for time right now, so I'll get back to this. I'm pretty sure it was about two weeks until I could do light activity and close to a month before I felt I could seriously hit tha gym without worries due to tha swelling and stitches but YMMV... it's sorta similar to a vasectomy.

  3. Yeah the doc told me after the ultrasound that it wasn't a hydrocele, which is worse I guess. He said I would have a couple stitches which would need to be removed in a couple days after. He said I could stand at work in only a few days but I can't lift anything for 2-3 weeks. said my sac would be swolen and be hard for a couple day after...

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