How Do Herbivores Get So Much Muscle Mass?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiquitous
    Manipulating animals with exogenous hormones or myostatin blockers is fundamentally irresponsible.
    this is what generations of breeding has produced. the belgian blue cattle. Myostatin deficient. i like steak i dont know about you guys

    and a normal texas longhorn.....
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  2. That Belgian Blue aint no joke!!! Bovine bulls are massive animals compared to the females. I grew up on a farm, and even the friendly bulls were just so strong that you had to take great care when you were around them. Get caught by a kick or a casual swing of their head and you'd be in the hospital.

    Lol - making me reminise...we had this one mean ass bull that used to charge my Dad whenever he saw him. Saw my father as a competitive male I guess, because all the cows used to do what he said. (he did dish out the tasty grain, after all). So one day my Dad had enough, and after out running the bull ran to the tractor barn and came roaring out with the John Deere 4000 (big ass tractor) and charged the bull right back!

    Whenever the bull saw my Dad after that, he'd watch cautiously from a distance


  3. Quote Originally Posted by diminuendo View Post
    If vegans are so damn healthy, why are health stores always full of gray, chalky people who look so frail that a strong breeze might damage their internal organs. You have inscisors dumb ass...use them.
    No need to be hostile towards a life-style you don't understand... Most vegans are not vegan for health reasons... Some are just REALLY sickened by the whole treatment of animals and do not wish to be the reason for one's death... People have different moral views...

    Now, yes -- being vegan can be dangerous, IF NOT DONE CORRECTLY.
    But, just like any diet, it can be just as healthy as the rest.

    I have been a vegan for over 4 years and vegetarian for longer. I am fit, healthy and know how to eat a proper, balanced diet, which IS attainable as a vegan.

    I am not a "dumb ass" because I choose to care about animals and have found a way around eating them OR their products.

    EVERYONE has the right to what they believe in, and if it is done right, there is no harm.

  4. Diminuendo - Have you seen pictures of Derek Treesize? He doesn't look sickly and frail.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Hansel View Post
    Diminuendo - Have you seen pictures of Derek Treesize? He doesn't look sickly and frail.
    Being that this thread started back in 06 or something he may not reply. But this was an interesting thread im glad that it got bumped it makes you think about the whole "science" of dieting.
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  6. Haha! Good point! I must have missed the time stamp. Still a good thread. I'm open to anything that'll make my physique and health improve.


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