An AM Newb

  1. An AM Newb

    I'm not a training newb, but I am a newbie here at AM. I'm looking forward to learning from the members here as well as sharing my knowledge and experiences.

  2. Welcome and stay away from Jayhawkk.

  3. Welcome! =D

  4. Welcome, welcome! Tons of information here so make sure to definately read the stickies at the top of the forums you're visiting and I hope you're both able to learn as well as add to the sites knowledge base.

    A couple of key points so as just to avoid any problems

    Respect the members as well as post in a way to get it in return

    No source posting for anabolic steroids, pro-hormones or liquid research items i.e., T-3, Clen etc.

    If you have a question please use the search function first. More than likely it has been asked and answered several times. If you still hav a question feel free to ask away!

    Here are a few links to get you started!

    Find up to date changes and additions to the site
    Feel free to view and/or add your own workout log
    Board Sponsors(companies) for pretty much any supplement need at great prices
    Board Sponsors(stores) for pretty much any supplement need at great prices
    The most overlooked aspect of Weight lifting/bbing in general[Nutrition]

  5. I am a NAMBLA rep so if you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

  6. howdy! welcome to AM!
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  7. Sleep on your back...thats all I can say!
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