What's the most inappropriate joke or comment you've ever made?

  1. What's the most inappropriate joke or comment you've ever made?

    I'll start...

    When I was 11, my uncle came to visit us. Now at the time I did not know my uncle was gay. My freind was over at my house, and my uncle was in the bathroom. I was standing right outside the bathroom door in my bedroom, and proceded to very loudly tell my friend a joke about gay people. My mom came running in the room looking like she was about to have a stroke, clenching her teeth and holding a finger to her lips. Thats how I found out my uncle was gay.

  2. Mine would be, "This thread sucks!"

  3. Sorry idunk...this isn't the "lame joke thread"

  4. I am gonna close this thread as it has a chance to get too offensive and derogatory of groups.

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