idunk's cycle progress pic

  1. idunk's cycle progress pic

    Just thought i would give you guys a little update on my progress......I am a sexy beast!

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  2. Re: JBlaze cycle progress pic


    Your abs are lookin tight J!

  3. Nice work!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by idunk42
    Just thought i would give you guys a little update on my progress......

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    you kind of got a wierd al thing going bro

  5. A mullet AND bikini underwear!!!! Man, you ROCK!

  6. You sure do have a perdy mouth
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  7. Im likin it bro im likin it!
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  8. um....good job?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    um....good job?

    thanks for the constructive criticism.

    At least I'm packin...
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  10. Man I thought it was goin to be a real pic and I see that old pic of Greg Maddux !!!

  11. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. am i the only one whos not seeing it

  13. nice ......... hair cut

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Mess
    nice ......... hair cut
    finally someone with a little style


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