I'd like to see this play out in court...

  1. I'd like to see this play out in court...

    Background- My friend and his girlfriend broke up about a month or so ago. She is obsessed with him.

    So me and him are driving home when she calls him up and she says she is pregnant. Key thing is, they never had sex. However, about a week after they broke up, she called him up and gave him a hand job. We figured the only way she could have got pregnant is if she took his juice and rubbed it down there I guess.

    Oh btw, she called back a few hours later and said she wasnt pregnant, she was just busting his balls.

    But what if she really HAD gotten pregnant by the above scenario? Would that make him responsible for the child? I mean they didnt have intercourse.

    You open up some doors no matter what decision is made here IMO

    A)He is responsible for the kid- He didnt have sex with her, and that would then mean that every time all us dudes do ANYTHING with a girl we would have to worry about raising a child. Sounds a bit bogus to me. Also, she impregnated HERSELF by implanting the stuff inside her.

    B) He isnt- If you say he isnt responsible this then makes it hard to make anyone pay child support anywhere. Why? because all the people who are dads on accident would claim that they didnt have sex, that the female inpregnated herself. How could you prove otherwise?

    Life Lesson- Stay away from psycho women

  2. Quote Originally Posted by spatch
    Life Lesson- Stay away from psycho women
    Basically. Unfortunately in my experience that kind of narrows the field pretty dramatically these days.

  3. The system is screwed up and us guys are paying for it, I mean just last week I glanced in a girls direction and now I'm paying child support for 4 kids!

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