Girl's Cell Stolen - Thief Gets "Owned"!

  1. Girl's Cell Stolen - Thief Gets "Owned"!

    Lesson: do not f*ck with this chick!!!

    How NOT to steal a SideKick II

  2. Thats some funny shiite...I have had like three cell phones stolen from me at right out of my studio along with my wallet...The ******* went crazy at the mall and bought a bunch junk..even went to some casino boat bastard...took one of my business cards telling people he was me...eventually got all the money back(Visa) but really ****ed up my cash flow.

    I hope that little ****er is somebody's little prison *****....

  3. LOL, that rocks.

  4. Ummm CLiff notes?

  5. OMG!!!!!! took forever to read all that But it was cool

  6. I need a hobby, I just read all that ****e!!
    My The 1 LOG:

  7. Nice, pricks got what they deserved.


  8. thats nuts, but I like it. needs to happen more often.

  9. You see how people from all over the world can come together to fight the Good Fight! Justice prevails in one way or another.

    But DAMN,.. definately not someone I would date though! Wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of her anger!

  10. It's not actually the chick who lost/had her phone stolen that was doing that site, it was a friend (I'm pretty sure it was mentioned anyway).

    Cool stuff, must suck to be the people who stole it.

  11. Wow, just spent hour reading this, what a waste of time, but just couldn't stop reading it. LOL This guy don't **** around for sure. May be some people will learn from it too. Oh, and I love how fast they were killing servers LOL

  12. This chick has no life if she spends it all day updating a website. I vote this chick is either dumb, or marketing the sidekick aka viral.

  13. From what I gather, a guy - a friend of the girl - is updating the website.

    He's not the owner of the Sidekick.

    I still have no clue what in the hell a Sidekick is....

  14. A sidekick is a little midget that follows you around, open doors and does tricks and stuff.

  15. Dude - I love midgets!!!!

    They are so hot!

  16. Cyber-pwnage at it's best!

    lol they already made a flash-game about it:

    Steal Dem' Sidekicks!

  17. HAHAHAHAAH! That game is stupid, but damn you gotta love it.

  18. Beat it

  19. This story is addictive. It's hard for me to stop viewing the daily updates.

    I was in Starbucks today and heard a couple of people talking about this story.


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