Brand new here...1st post

  1. Smile Brand new here...1st post

    I was referred here by someone selling me supplements.....I went thru complete acl replacement and was hurt for 2 years before getting surgery.....I had gaines 40 lbs due to being injured and up to 250 6'2, 32yrs old with a broad shoulders and a big frame....and am now down to 220lbs...and seem to have hit a plateau...and have never used any type of roids or alot of supplementation...but it all has my interest now...would appreciate any comments and feedback....I'm looking into everything...i basically have about 20lbs i want to lose basically love handes and stomach area.....i do cardio and kickboxing min 4 times a week and eat healthy...I just need some help.....

  2. Welcome. There is lots here to learn, the Nutrition, Exercise Science, and Weight Loss forums are your best bet for your goals. Don't be afraid to explore threads either, just b/c the thread title doesn't show exactly what you want doesn't mean that thread won't be valuable to you.

  3. Thanks for the looking forward to learning a ton and getting ripped in the 6 months.....

  4. Theres also a million different products out there....and I know alot of them are all hype...any solid foundation supplement recommendation would be I dont waste 100's of dollars buying crap...thanks much....

  5. Welcome.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by buttasmoothceo
    I dont waste 100's of dollars buying crap...

    You have come to the right place.

    You will be spending your hundreds on crap that really works in no time.

    Read up.

  7. welcome to the board man

  8. Quote Originally Posted by James
    You have come to the right place.

    You will be spending your hundreds on crap that really works in no time.

    Read up.

  9. Welcome and read up!

  10. thanks everyone for the feedback.....I also am starting to train MMA and sponsor some mma fighters.....and go to all of the rocks...

  11. -------- this is kinda ghey looking isn't it?

  12. Get your diet in check first, it is key ingredient in success.



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