Need city street map

  1. Need city street map

    The City of Maricopa in Arizona.

    It is exploding with new developement. There are new builders up the ying yang. I want to be able to map out my locations before I go there to register with each new builder. None of the addresses are mapqwest-able because they are so new. I don't want to have to write down verbal directions from each builder over the phone. I am trying to canvass the entire area but don't want to have to drive the ~60 from home down there to wander and follow billboards. I want a city street map and I cannot find one.

    Major Intersections:
    Maricopa Rd (St. Rt.347/John Wayne Pkwy) and Honeycutt Rd.
    Maricopa Rd (St. Rt.347/John Wayne Pkwy) and Smith-Enke Rd.
    Maricopa Rd (St. Rt.347/John Wayne Pkwy) and Altera Parkway

    Zip Code:


  2. Hey B... did some searching and not exactly sure what you are looking for.

    But this site:

    Seems to map them out no?,0.045061

    I could not find Alter Parkway, just a John Wayne.

    So for the first 2 you will want to go to the Smith Enke community first. These could be on the NW, SE and SW corners as there is undeveloped land there. Your second stop will be Honeycut. And it will be on the NE corner of that intersection.

    That first link I gave you will give you a better idea of what developments you want to go look at.

    Couldn't go more indepth with just the major cross roads.

    Good luck and try to get in on the first phase! Even better if they have NO models and just a portable on the lot as it's the cheapest.

  3. My bad (type-o). That is Altera Parkway.

    That google map is cool. Most of that dirt is filled in with homes now. Scroll down that map along 347 all the way to tha Harah's Casino on the left right on 347. All of the dirt between Honeycutt and there is no longer dirt

    My next call is to the City of Maricopa Chamber of Commerce (or city office, etc.)


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