Help, looking for state football records:

  1. Help, looking for state football records:

    The title says it all. I am looking to read up on some 1988 State Champs in football. I can't find the state records sooo........
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  2. Which state? All states?

  3. Dallas Carter Cowboys are the Texas winners in 1988 according to Friday Night Lights :P

    I'm actually still looking so hopfully I get some answers

  4. WI - Racine Park

  5. Please don't laugh, 1988 Manning Monarchs. SC. 3-AAA
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  6. Well here's a start maybe? State record holders..>Maybe you can cross reference them with teams etc?

  7. Damn it, you added that after I looked for WI :P
    Back to searching

  8. Bump--
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