Update on Younggunz and contact info

  1. Update on Younggunz and contact info

    I posted this on bb.com, but thought some of the guys who knew Younggunz might not go there anymore. So:

    Rike from the Syntrax board has been in contact with Younggunz who used to post here and he asked me to post an update on him. Those of you who knew him probably remember that he left to join the military. He wanted say hello to everyone and let us know that he is doing fine.

    He is just now going over to Iraq with his platoon. While he does not have e-mail, he can receive regular mail. I'm sure he appreciate hearing from some of his friends here. His information is posted below:

    SGT. Erik Swanson 2nd PLT
    957th ENGR Co-TSB/S-1
    Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

    Drop him a line if you get a chance. He'd definitely appreciate it.

    Please keep all political responses out of this thread. Younggunz is doing what he thinks is right and deserves our support.

    I also want to publicly thank Rike for getting this info out.

  2. Thanks Dio. Youngunz, Ferrigno's little brother, is a great contributor over at bb.com. There was a time when he single handedly kept that board propped up. Come home safe bro'. We appreciate what you are doing for our country.

  3. Oh yeah, thanks Rike. Don't know who you are, but I appreciate you passing on this info. I actually have been wondering about Younggunz.

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