I shouldnt be laughing at this..

  1. I shouldnt be laughing at this..

    But this guy is on crack!!!

    Nice intensity, I suppose...let's just say he has alot of maturing to do as a person of faith. Oh...and needs to stop smoking crack. yeah, that would help.


  2. Yeah, you should be laughing at this.........cuz its hilarious!!!

  3. Holy crap..pun intended.

    "Yo' ass is doomed. Whatch you gotta say about dat, motherfcker?!"

    Yikes. I'm pretty sure the cameraman is on crack too. Very nice. I'm pretty sure he is reading out of a phonebook. Look closely.

  4. Son of a ....that's SOOO funny!!!

  5. Damn I really need speakers!

  6. You f'kin nincum f'kin poop -
    b*tch I'm flowin straight from the survival scroll... yo cut that b*tch off! next caller!
    Last edited by akp2004; 05-05-2006 at 01:03 AM.

  7. "I come in the name of Jesus b!tch !"

  8. its people like this that make me so thankful im normal

  9. haha, a phone book


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