How big do you want to be

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  1. Currently about between 155-160, looking at around 10-13%bf... @ 5ft. 6

    Goal by 21 years old - 215lbs @8%bf, and still be 5ft. 6

    If Im taller than that, add 11 lbs an inch!

  2. I would'nt mind being about 130 Kg (thats around 300 pounds i think). Right now i'm a pretty boring 93 Kg, and i'm around 5"11. I dont even wanna think what my b/f % would be! Not that i'm tubby or anything, but i really dont think i wanna know what my b/f % is anyway!
    A lotta training's gotta happen in the next 3-6 months. I got goal that i'm reeeeeeally not keeping on track with!

    I wanted to be back to box splits (side splits (Van damme kinda isht) be back to my former aerobic fitness level, and have put back on at least 20 kg of lean muscle mass. Its been about 2/6 months so far and i'm not even close to a 3rd of the way!

    the fists gotta start crackin!

    Oh lord, talking in third person is a bad sign! D. fist has problems! ohh noooooooo!

    D. fist

  3. 10 inches and 0% bf.

  4. right now: 163 and bf im unsure of (anyone know based off my avy?)

    goal: 200 at 10%, btw i'm 5'7.5

    I need to be able to bikeride and ski (i love doing both), so cardio is a must.

  5. 5'9" [email protected]%bf that's my all time goal, so I need to add about 40-50lbs of lean mass, I'd like to gain a good amount in my legs 32" quads would be nice (29" now), and another inch or two on the bis would be sweet, bring them up to a nice even 21 inches! Short term, in the next year I want to get 250lbs at about 8%bf. Right now I'm around 250 but at close to 12%bf which feels like 20-30%

    The bigger you get, the bigger you want to get!! Ten years ago my answer would have been 220, boy was I nuts.

  6. I would love to be 6' 220 with 9-11%... However my body and lifestyle do not support that. I am content at 6' 203 lbs that I am now, I would just like to get from 13% to around 8 or 9% Ideal for me I guess would be 6' 210 with around 11% (realistic)

  7. Currently I'm at 203~6lbs @ 8~10 BF%...

    My goal is to compete at 220 @ 5 BF%...That will be a long road though...

    But a more realistic goal for myself is somewhere in between 210 and 220 at about 7 or 8 percent...

  8. I'm 6', btw

  9. Currently 6 feet, 230 around 10%. I'd like to hit 240 at 8% by end of summer. Thinking about hitting a TST/TRN cycle to help out.

  10. 5'8" 207 @19% BF

    I think my goal of 225-230 @10-12%BF is where I would be happy. Honeslt though, i'm dieting down to 195 first and if everything goes right I may think differently by then.

  11. im 5'8 180lbs at about 9-10% bf. goal - 230#. 7% bf


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