"The man whos biceps exploded"

  1. "The man whos biceps exploded"

    Anyone see this flick? Its kind of a documentary on steroid use centering around this guy who was a dealer/user of steroids. Anyway, this guy was using dirty needles and got an infection. Instead of going to the doc, he repeatedly stabbed his biceps with needles trying to drain all the blood and puss. This show was ****ed up, think it was on TLC or Discovery channel. He was videotaping this whole ordeal as he was stabbing himself with these needles, letting the needles hang off him and ****. This guys arms were nasty looking. Anyways, the doc ended up cutting his bicep damn near in half. I think he said his arms were 28". It also went through the history of steroid use, and all those guys who used it before the even knew what nolva was. Hard to imagine all those guys being on hardcore steroids without any PCT. It said one guy after stopping use had the test levels of a pre-pubescent girl.


  2. ROFLcopter

  3. Ah. so it was! MY BAD.

  4. thats not real, photoshop!


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