It's snowing in arkansas

  1. It's snowing in arkansas

    The method used to remove the snow(let it melt).
    I lived in Vermont and New Hampshire for about 4 years and never had any problems driving. Here I think they have one sand truck in the whole county. Screws up the whole damn weekend.
    Here I am on my T3/venom/M4ohn thing 1 week in, all gung ho and can't get to the damn gym.
    SUcccckkkkssssss. I'm ****ing hyper and it 8:23 am. I think I will just pace up and down the floor for awhile maybe come back and write some more useless **** on the web

  2. Ha that sucks, well you could get your cardio in and plow thru the snow on your 2 feet HAHA just kidding its 3 degrees here in Michigan, no snow all sun so I guess I'm lucky

  3. Ah sunny Michigan, wish I was there

  4. When did people start living in Arkansas? I miss everything.

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    When did people start living in Arkansas? I miss everything.

    I wouldn't exactly call it living buttt it all started in place called hope Arkansas with man name Bill and his leigons of followers.

    Thats it, I'm hiking to the ****ing store and get a pizza. The web can not sustain me any longer and I must eat pizza.Cold weather and T3 will burn that off in heartbeat ,



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