today=best day of my life

  1. today=best day of my life

    well i am married, so it should not be the best day of my life. it started out pretty crappy day at work. i'm a correctional officer and i was working the female pod (wich is the worst pod because female inmates think they don't have to follow rules because they are females) and the S.H.U.(special housing unit) this is where we house the absolutly craziest bastards( the most normal guy i have is a serial killer that killed 8 prositutes) i had to fight 3 of these clowns all within the first 3 hours of my 16 hour day. then on top of that, 90% of the females are menstrating=(crazy bitches). but then 2 hours into my 2nd shift, i get a phone call from a teammate (i play semi pro football) and he told me that the league director called and wanted me to fly out to vegas for the april 1st "casino bowl" (this is the semi pro equivilent to the pro bowl) to play in front of a huge crowd and nfl and arena recruters. i know it won't lead to a pro career, but the honor to be considered made my day. thanks for reading this i'm just want to climb a mountain yell it for everone to here.

  2. Awesome man! Congratulations

  3. Congrats! Sounds like an awsome experiance.

  4. VERY cool man.

    I usually save this for sale threads but what the heck here you go bro.

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  5. Congrats bro! I played semi-pro a few years back. I know how much you love the game. Bust some heads!

  6. Congrats man!! Always nice when a bad day turns good!

  7. Awesome man, sounds like a ton of fun! (Well, everything but having to put up with psycho-biotch-prisoner-hoes from hell PMSing. )

  8. Go have a blast and kick some ass..

  9. Congrats bro. Hope you do well

  10. what would be really sweet if i could get a sponsor (atw, usp, nutraplanet, universal) to advertise on my helmet.

  11. Or BCL perhaps...

  12. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    Or BCL perhaps...
    ? i'm not thinking straight.

  13. Go get em brother!

  14. good luck and have fun
    RIP Ryan, :(

  15. so you got to watch hundreds of females masterbate...and you dont like your job!!!..............jk

  16. Good luck bro, yea I,m jealous, now go de-cleat somebody..........

  17. Quote Originally Posted by x_muscle
    so you got to watch hundreds of females masterbate...and you dont like your job!!!..............jk
    actually i love my job, but trust me the hot ones have boyfriends/husbands to help pay fines so they don't stay w/ me. i'm lucky to see "less than average".

  18. You got to legally beat some ass and that was bad? JK, congrats on the invite.

  19. Which joint?


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