There is now way this guy is serious?!

  1. There is now way this guy is serious?!

  2. Oh **** another Icy Hot Stunta in the making. What is this world coming to?

  3. Drew... why are you wasting my time like this....

  4. If his car is faster, chick is hotter and he is stronger why in that picture is he trying to commit suicide?

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  5. What a dip****. See what happens when people have the right to free speech. They babble.

  6. LOL, what a ****ing moron! It was good being 15 at one point!

  7. Let's kick his ass!!

  8. oh geez......

  9. Oh, ****, it might be just me, but Gimpy, is that Kwyk's website!

  10. Kwycke isn't that big or good looking.

  11. And his car is slow.
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  12. what a tool.. still have to put the icy hot stuntaz or however you spell their name on top of the list.
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  13. I wish this kid would have went to my highschool... He would have transferred schools after 2 weeks, lol.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Let's kick his ass!!


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