im going to meet jay cutler...

  1. im going to meet jay cutler...

    check it out:
    Dear GNC Customer,
    Here is your chance to meet Jay Cutler, bodybuilding's most prolific and most recognized competitor. Jay will be at the GNC store at the Toronto Eaton Center on Saturday, February 11 from Noon to 3:00 p.m.
    This event is brought to you by MuscleTech and GNC.
    Since 2000, Jay has won eight IFBB professional bodybuilding competitions, including three consecutive victories on the sport's biggest stage-the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.
    You can ask Jay questions, have your picture taken with him, and more. This is also your chance to learn about MuscleTech's new, revolutionary pre-workout supplement, GAKIC. There will be samples and T-shirts for everyone.
    We hope to see you Saturday at GNC in the Eaton Center
    im going to ask him for cell-tech sources! LMAO

    should be cool though...i really want to see how big this boy really is.

  2. The first sentence in that GNC press release is 100% pure horse****, but the rest is carefully crafted marketing-speak that doesn't actually lie and doesn't actually remember that some dude named Ronnie has won a few contests as well, including several head-to-heads with JC.

    That said, yeah, porkchop, I'd be right there with you if I lived nearby, for Jay, Ronnie or any of the other pros. I know they didn't get that way by careful ingestion of GNC products, but standing next to them is inspiring nevertheless. You can be nearly the same height/weight as those dudes, but somehow it never looks as big on me as it does on them.

  3. Jay is one of the reasons I am sitting here reading this board right now. I went to high school with him (Wachusett Regional High School in Holden, MA) and know his father from when he was on the town of Sterling's Board of Selectmen. Jay and a guy named Scott were the ones who got me hooked on health and fitness and I really actually have to thank them for making me what I am today. I haven't seen Jay since maybe 8 or so years ago, but last time I spoke to him he was the same he always had been...loved his bikes, women, and most of all challenging himself in the gym.

    Hmm maybe I should write some kind of column about this...come to think of it the guy's influence on me was so profound that it deserves some more recognition...
  4. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    met him at the Arnold last year..very soft spoken guy. Seems to keep to himself. He was big, but short...of course, everyone is short to me...

  5. here you go.....cutler makes me look like a boy who has never lifted a single weight in my life. it really put me in my place and i weigh 215lbs!!! he is really soft spoken and as some seriously meaty hands. my gf was in awe of his size and good looks. overall, very cool. i got a couple gakic shirts and some free samples, along with a signed pic

    dont look at the goofy face i made!!!!


  6. Very cool thanks for posting the pic. 95% of the posts I have seen about him say he is a really great guy.

    BTW seeing him in jeans makes me laugh when I have seen so many guys say they can't fit into jean because their legs are so big.

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by t_dot_porkchop

    dont look at the goofy face i made!!!!
    goofy...? looks more "awestruck" to not that i blame you....

    fun times

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CROWLER
    BTW seeing him in jeans makes me laugh when I have seen so many guys say they can't fit into jean because their legs are so big.

    Bespoke, MTM (made to measure) or severly altered.

    With the amount of cash that he has I wouldn't be suprised.


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