Links - no href tags. Is it me or a problem with the board?

  1. Links - no href tags. Is it me or a problem with the board?

    So I tried to add another link and put text to reference to a URL. Well it allows the URL but the href text box never pops up.

    Now it might be I am missing how to do this but most often I hit the Insert Link and plug the URL and then the text I want displayed. But it never pops the 2nd box to enter in your own text.

    I attached a pic for those that don't understand.

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  2. Anyone got any ideas... or have a clue about what I am asking?

  3. I know what you're talking about. Just type this:

    1url=type the url here2Type the hyperlink text here1/url2

    Replace the 1's with starting brackets: [
    Then replace the 2's with ending brackets: ]

    Easy peasy.

  4. [ url=actual_url ] Your text [ /url ]

    And start using FireFox

  5. FireFox has not been approved as a desktop standard... even as an admin I can't put it on with out it being scanned and an email sent asking to be removed.

    Okay so I tried.. didn't like it. My HTML skills are weaksauce. Put me on a Cisco router/layer 3 switch and i'm rockin' but yeah... no dice.

    Anyone else try?

  6. I don't understand. What bda55 and I told you has to work.

    Here's one right here

  7. okay... has to be how I am doing it. The board kept changing the format - is what I mean by it didn't like it.

  8. Got it... I had to take of WSISG editor and put to standard... It looked like I was doing everything right... I just needed "link" quotes around the link.

  9. Good deal


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