New to this forum.

  1. New to this forum.

    Hey all! Just going to tell a little about myself, considering this is my first post on this forum.

    I am currently 18 years old, 176lbs., 5'11" and I have been an avid bodybuilder for well over 3 years now (hoping to go pro in the future), and a wrestler for 16 years now. I have had to always work my bulking/cutting cycles around wrestling season, for which I usually wrestle 160lbs. during season, but starting this March my final wrestling match will be over giving me all the time I need to finally complete a good cycle. I have done multiple reviews on the forum(red acid, cee pro, etc.), and offered what advice I can there, but I have decided on posting on this forum from now on because the forum is getting to cluttered with newbs, sponsors etc., So, in conclusion, this is my welcome to the board!


  2. Kane, welcome. I also want to compliment you on removing those threads that came a hair's breathe from getting you banned. That showed some maturity and quick thinking.. just make sure you read the board rules and don't make comments about AAS or PH's or post in the anabolic forums

  3. yeah, I apoligize about that. I realized after posting, that I had broke the rules, but all is well now :P

  4. I was sincere about my compliment..

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    I was sincere about my compliment..
    Thanks, it's nice to see some nice admin. for once at a forum



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