Anybody else deal with this?

  1. Anybody else deal with this?

    I work in an office, and there are these old bats that weigh 1 ounce a piece always walking around complaining how cold the office is. So, they complain enough to get someone to jack the heat up so they're comfortable and everyone else is melting. I measured the temp at my desk at 83 degrees yesterday an hour after one of these crotchety old bitches decided she was too cold.

    My feeling is this: if you're in an office and you're too cold you can put on a sweater, or some form of heavier clothing. If someone is too hot they can't take their clothes off and work in their boxers. To me the solution is obvious: tell everyone who is cold to bring a sweater and shut the **** up. For some reason it's never that obvious to management.

  2. are absolutely correct! Remind the management how much $ they will save on the heating bill.

    The prevailing wisdom was that it is easier for a person who feels cold to get warmer (just add or change layers), than it is for someone who is hot to cool down.

  3. I feel your pain CDB. The daytime managers in my office turn the heat up to 80 degress. It's like opening an oven door coming into the place. Thank goodness they all leave shortly after I get there. Then I can turn in down to 65. But I sweat like crazy till they are gone. I'm out numbered so they won't turn it down just for me. What makes it so bad is that a lot of time I work outside in the cold and then have to come in to that oppressive dry heat. Even at 80 degrees they are all sitting around in the office with space heaters at their feet. I think they have no blood or something...geeze .
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    i got the same problem..only these old women are HUGE and being cold to them with that much fat shouldnt be an issue. Luckily they are moving my office to another area so I dont have to deal with them anymore..

  5. At least I'm not sufferring alone.



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