Merry Christmas devils

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  1. lmao. old ppl and their noon naps. go ahead bro, tell us about how you were there when the term leatherneck first camp into use....

  2. dude, I'm so old, Sgt. Dan Daily was only a lance corporal when I served!!!!!!!

  3. I just found out the my wife's grandmother used to have dinner parties with Chesty bull****

  4. chesty butler???

  5. Ummm....I'm kinda slow and don't get it

  6. never heard of chesty puller, that's all. however, chesty butler, is the HNIC.

  7. Chesty Puller was the most decorated Marine ever....c'mon Beelz....At the Frozen Chosen he was completely surrounded and said something to the effect "we're surrounded, that simplifies our problems..." & "retreat hell, we're just advancing in a different direction"
    He wanted to go to Vietnam in 66, but they told him he was too damn old..(where have I heard that before)
    One battle he took 70 casualties and killed 1400 japs. He was definitely "THE MAN"

  8. yup, ya'll are right, i'm confusing names in my head.

    those BST tests didn't stick around too long in the ol' brain cells, lol.

  9. Totally understandable since I only remember like 2 names out of all the others. We don't even take the BST for real anymore....there's always a "study sheet" when you take it.

  10. ahha, i remember now, i was thinking smedley butler, lol.

    study sheets? yup, the ol' S-3 shops never change

  11. what up Devils!??? Just found this thread! BST's? I thought they were MCI's? I missed Cpl my 1st time around because I didn't do my personal finance course on time..

    Archibald Delta, that's hilarious!!

    I remember back in Jan 93 when I left Michigan for boot camp. Ice storm w/ sub-zero temps. I get to San Diego the next day & it's sunny & I'm surrounded by DI's & palm trees... Dudes, I was in heaven!!! All I was looking forward to was graduating boot camp & learning how to surf!! got done w/ boot, went north to Camp Del Mar for 3 months of admin school (learned how to surf!!!) & got stationed @ MCRD San Diego!! Did my 4 years all in San Diego County.. Sucked to be me..

    I do miss it though, & Beelz, thanks for that initial night before Christmas. I have it on my computer @ home & read it often...


  12. Hey beelz,
    You want me to mail you a copy of my green monster? Sock number 53!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    ahha, i remember now, i was thinking smedley butler, lol.
    Dumbass. I bet you were a ****bag Marine. Refer to post number 49.

  14. MCI's were the things we had to order through the S-3 shop. BST was the basic skills training book.

    oh, and nate, yeah, i got accused of that numerous times


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