Merry Christmas devils

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  1. Totally understandable since I only remember like 2 names out of all the others. We don't even take the BST for real anymore....there's always a "study sheet" when you take it.

  2. ahha, i remember now, i was thinking smedley butler, lol.

    study sheets? yup, the ol' S-3 shops never change

  3. what up Devils!??? Just found this thread! BST's? I thought they were MCI's? I missed Cpl my 1st time around because I didn't do my personal finance course on time..

    Archibald Delta, that's hilarious!!

    I remember back in Jan 93 when I left Michigan for boot camp. Ice storm w/ sub-zero temps. I get to San Diego the next day & it's sunny & I'm surrounded by DI's & palm trees... Dudes, I was in heaven!!! All I was looking forward to was graduating boot camp & learning how to surf!! got done w/ boot, went north to Camp Del Mar for 3 months of admin school (learned how to surf!!!) & got stationed @ MCRD San Diego!! Did my 4 years all in San Diego County.. Sucked to be me..

    I do miss it though, & Beelz, thanks for that initial night before Christmas. I have it on my computer @ home & read it often...


  4. Hey beelz,
    You want me to mail you a copy of my green monster? Sock number 53!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    ahha, i remember now, i was thinking smedley butler, lol.
    Dumbass. I bet you were a ****bag Marine. Refer to post number 49.

  6. MCI's were the things we had to order through the S-3 shop. BST was the basic skills training book.

    oh, and nate, yeah, i got accused of that numerous times


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