Immigration - Green card blood test.

  1. Immigration - Green card blood test.

    Hi, does anyone know what they test for during the medical/blood test when you apply for a green card?

    I'm just concerned that any juice will show up there.


  2. they test for std's and stuff bro

  3. So theres no chance that anything illicit will show up in there? I'd hate to blow it on the last hurdle, but I heard this stuff stays in your system for a year.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilpnz
    they test for std's and stuff bro

  4. So what happened with the blood test?

  5. Strong 7 yr old bump

  6. Quote Originally Posted by napalm View Post
    Strong 7 yr old bump
    Well, judging by how he never replied, I guess they test for what he hoped they didn't LOL!


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