army reserves? -

army reserves?

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    army reserves?

    anyone in it?  I'm thinking about joining.  I tried to get into the military years ago when i was 18 but they told me no cause of a supposed heart murmur. I think it was bs, but now i have undergone hernia surgery, so im thinking regular military is out of the question.  Id really like to get involved though,.  Infantry is what I would like to do.  If anyone has experience or knows how the reserves work, whats the chances i could get into actual combat.  I would feel much safer for my country knowing that i didnt join for college money.



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    Well I was in the National Guard and I used to recruit, but the standards for getting into to the Reserves/NG and the regular service are the same. I would go talk to a NG or Reserve recruiters and see what they say.

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