Predictions for Olympia 2005 + pics of Ronnie 7 weeks out

  1. Predictions for Olympia 2005 + pics of Ronnie 7 weeks out

    So we are about 2 months out... What are some of your predictions for the Olympia 05'? I believe Ronnie will take home his 8th Sandow. I couldn't find any recent pics of Jay, Dexter, Alexander, Chris.. But here is Ronnie 7 weeks out.

  2. no question he will take it...if his abs are 5% better than last year i don't see anyone competing on the same level

  3. curlings

    is he seriously curling 225...jesus christ.

  4. dexter won't be competing this year

    1. ronnie
    2. jay
    3. darrem .. yup darrem
    4. chris cormier .. rebound from last year's abysmal performance
    5. ruhl .. i love him
    6. victor martinez .. i think he's learned a lot this past year and will come in looking super sharp

  5. Oh damn.. totally forgot about Darrem Charles. I saw him in the Sept. of MD and he was looking fantastic.

    6 is gonna be between Victor and Gustavo you think? It will be close...

    With the new symetry and what not I am suprised you have Freakazoid Rhuls up so high.

  6. i just love ruhl and i'm really pulling for him .. there is definitely a chance he doesn't crack the top 6

    gustavo is starting to show some GH gut and i don't think he's gonna crack

    IMHO the definition of what the new standards want is Capriese Murray .. he is an absolute X .. love that guy .. hope he can do well .. but i don't think he's got the mass yet

    and lets see how Lee does this year after not competing next year .. he's never looked as good as he has this year

  7. whoever took those photos has some serious balls... once i saw him curling 225 I would have shat my pants, dropped the camera, and gotten the **** out of that dugeon/gym
  8. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I would place Darrem between 4th-6th as he gets ****ed over a lot....even though he does well at smaller shows and he just doesn't have the physique of a Dexter Jackson to be taking his place. Ruhl has definitely climbed the ladder but needs to get harder and more separated from the rear. Victor is my Dark horse as he has great everything but keeps on coming in too heavy! If he could come in 10-15lbs lighter than he was at New York, then he can definitely be top 5 or 6! Gustavo looks to be getting a lot of press and all, but he is getting blockier, I feel he just needs to drop 7-10lbs and just refine what he has! He gained like 25lbs in the course of a year! Way too much! Alexander Federov will get top 10 no matter what because he is a Weider boy and gets MEGA COVERAGE, despite having BAD symmetry!

  9. I like Ruhl too. Not that he'll win, I just like the guy. Freaky, too...

  10. The time is almost upon us.... I wish I was able to go this year.. maybe next year will be my first.

    Anyone that goes post some pics up in here!

  11. I wish I could SEE it LIVE on TV... Don't have cable, will have to find someone who will be seeing it. Will it be on TSN or will it be Pay per View?

  12. no love for my boy troy alves? he's a throwback to 1970. 22 inch arms and like a 28 inch waist. i love it

  13. He pulled out, as well as Lee Priest, and Capriese Murray!

  14. Lee Haney has been secretly training to defend his record. Now that he has igf and gh he has gone from best contest weight of 260 he is gonna come in at 312 shredded.. lol.. Coleman is done...just like Arnie did to Mentzner in 80..

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Atlas
    He pulled out, as well as Lee Priest, and Capriese Murray!
    Yeah I heard that Priest pulled out recently... He was pissed about the living quarters, money that should go to lower rankings instead of challenge round, crap for prize money for womens olympia - that is now being held in the expo HALL! I think the Arnold Classic should take on the title of the Super Bowl of BB.

    What happened with The Mutant?


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