Bodybuilding Scams

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  1. I bought into Cybergenics and IcoPro

  2. Sounds like everyone has pretty much named every product GNC has sold.

    Hollywood 24hr diet. Never tried but im sure theres some horror stories of the 24hrs on the toilet.

    Makes my ass hurt thinking about it.

  3. Methoxy, Cell-Tech, 20-Hydroxyecdysterone. I guess some of us learned the hard way

  4. Nitro-Tech/Cell-Tech stack. Let's see, I was 15, I got a part time job, saved my money, bought the crap, and used it for 6 months while lifting in School. I gained squat with it.

  5. Andro Poppers and HMB.

  6. ZMA. It was expensive crap at the time too. And liquid creatine.

  7. Cybergenics.....overtrained like a mofo and hurt my back to boot! Winter of 89! Cost me going to the state meet in wrestling my junior year!

    We live and learn.

    Somebody mentioned Weider's Muscle Builder....I cut my teeth on that and a DP bench with concrete weights! HA! I haven't thought about that in a while.

  8. cell tech, nitro tech, ZMA(not bad product just too much $$),a few bottles of GNC brand mega men timed release multi's, and gnc's gainer which had like 50+crabs and only 15g protien...

    and i was just today thinking about buying myo-blast by cytodyne.. those before and after pics are just far to impressive for me to let this great oppertunity pass me by.

  9. I think most of us might be guilty of the whole cell-tech deal....i've tried it...also HMB...pyruvate....probably more..just can't think off the top of my head.

    oh yeah...andro poppers..haha..thats funny

    every time i hear those two words I laugh

    triangle boxes were cool



  10. oh yeah the absolute worst was this egg protein powder from GNC that you actually cooked and it came out looking like scrambled eggs...HORRIBLE..still ate it though..

  11. I would say Andro Poppers too, I did alot of research so I never bought into the Muscle**** products.....

    I could see that ripoff a mile away.......
    but that $30 I spent on those minty Andro Poppers was some bull****.....

  12. Originally posted by dez/null
    oh im the smart one who did consumer research before buying a product.
    you and me both... luckily i got on Anthony Ellis's board and learned the base of my knowledge there

    I guess glutamine? jury is still out on that one, DC says its good...

    bought Isopure Whey protein, high quality stuff but definitely overpriced

  13. Tribulus

  14. Originally posted by Boarder1
    Dibencozide sublingual...LOL what a joke (i know you some of you aged ones took it, admit it!) Cybergenics, I managed to hit my all time lowest weight on that (those multi sets of negatives beyond failure worked me over pretty good - 168lbs @ 6'1 (presently 218lbs).I also recall my tan changing to an orange tint after i started using the supps).....WOW, good times.
    I remember that, prior to my 2nd left knee operation, a doctor asked me that same question in order to determine whether or not any medication would be altered because of the supplements that I was using at the time or have used in the past. By the time we were done discussing that issue, I had filled an entire legal sized paper. That's been a while so I doubt if I'll remember ALL of the crap that I've fallen for since 1985:

    super sterol complex
    dessecrated liver tabs
    dibencozide sublingual (thanks Boarder1, I thought I was the only one.....LOL)
    Metalabol mix (what a crock)
    Genesis Nutrition's Animal Pak (gave me the ****s)
    Cybergenics Cybercuts
    Twinlab's MCT Fuel (nasty orange oil... )

    The only Weider product that ever worked for me were probably the Body Shaper protein mix and chromium picolinate but I also maintained a proper diet and workout regiment while using them.
    TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  15. Originally posted by Bean

    I guess glutamine? jury is still out on that one, DC says its good...
    I dunno, DC shovels in the Optimum pro complex which already has glutamine in it. He doesn't take glut separately...

    But, who am I to speak? I never used it enough to form an opinion either way.

    I've tried Cell Tech, by the way, though it was just half a jug given to me by a friend.

    I've also gone through several bottles of tribulus, thinking that maybe it was just the brand I was taking...

  16. man, all these sure bring back some forgettable trials! I tried most of these too...i plead temporary insanity about trying cell tech.

  17. Anybody remember the Vanadyl Sulfate craze of the mid-90s? There were stupid rumors about how great it was for some reson. Everybody I knew buying the stuff up. I think I blew $20-30 for a bottle, which did nothing. I was in school at the time, so that was almost all the dough I had.
    I can remember being in High School and asking for Cybergenics for Christmas. It was over $100 for all the crap, and I would've done anything to get it. I never got it, too bad because I'd be 295 & ripped by now if I had.

  18. Lots of Pinnacle ****...ecdybol, methoxy poppers, andro poppers, juiced protein. The JP gave me the worst ****s ever! Lets, Betagen. I'm surprised I didn't have a ****ig heart attack from GNC's 100% Whey. all the cholesterol...Methoxypro. I'm glad I still sell this **** so I can point people in the right direction. phew!


  19. Juiced Protein
    Liquid Creatine

    All pricey, all ****.

  20. Tribulus, Cybergenics, chromium picolinate, vanadyl sulfate, and of course, GNC "Distance" and "Mass Gainers" which are nothing but sugar at $30 a pound.............

  21. Reading through this thread has made me feel better. So far, I have only fallen for HMB.

  22. Most Weider products, glandulars, boron, cybergenics, methoxy-pro, Ipriflavone, chrysin, smilax (advertised as testosterone tea)
  23. Does this count?

    Im not sure if this counts but about 6 years ago I was reading a Mens Health or Fitness or something of that nature and it said that jerking one off in the morning is a good testosterone booster for males. So I thought to myself, hey, cool now Ive got a reason to squeeze one off every chance I get and Besides the physical pleasure Im also promoting muscle growth. Well, All I can say is that had to be a load of crap because besides a few blisters, some forearm cramps, a weird addiction and a huge shower bill, It did absolutely nothing for me. But hey, Ive got to admit, it definitly was the most satisfing scam Ive ever been taking by.

    I told my wife and a bunch of her friends at work about that and they havent let it down yet. She just wont admit how much she likes to watch. Shes a freak, so am I, Were perfect for each other.

    Shamelessly yours,

    d "muthafukin" b


  24. swole v2

  25. Klein Becker products.. but the one that got me and my friend was Testrogel. I knew NOTHING back then lol.. sad ,.. bastards


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