The Military Family

  1. The Military Family

    I may have mentioned this, but my wife's unit is set to go back to the big show in a few weeks. We knew this day was coming for some time now and made up our minds not to let the military delay our plans on extending our family. We met in the reserves and she later went on to active duty after our son was born. She spent half a tour in Iraq after arriving at her duty station when her current unit, who was short on people at the time, cought word that she was here. I, meanwhile, remained in the reserves, flip-flopped my lifestyle, and became a stay at home dad and fulltime student. I have somehow never managed to deploy by leaving one unit just before they deployed to entering my currentone on the tail end of a tour.

    So, like I said, we knew well in advance that this current deployment was coming and did not think much of it because we planned on her being pregnant at the time. Planning for children does not work. A few weeks ago my wife remained not pregnant and we accepted the deployment and began planning life as though she were leaving. I would give my unit time to tell me if we would also leave close to my wife's departure, and if not, I would volunteer to fill a slot with some other unit. This way we could keep our time apart minimal. If she leaves in Sept and my unit doesn't deploy until the spring, that's 18 months apart whereas volunteering with a unit leaving now keeps the time down to 12 we would have spent apart anyway. We made plans to fly back to Ohio for the Buckeye v Texas game, spend time with friends, and for my wife to say goodbye to loved ones. Her parents have been preparing, with much anticipation to watch our son whenever I also got the call. We were making plans for the extra money. Basically, we had the mindset of deploying about as much as a joint-service couple possibly could and it wasn't all that bad to think about as long as we looked at it the right way. I am sure you can see where I am going with this thread so let me quicken the pace a bit.

    Friday night my wife informs me she is four days late. Saturday morning I have drill, the last drill I was going to give my unit to tell me when we are deploying before deciding to volunteer to roll with another unit overseas. We get off the bus and are ushered in to take a piss test. My wife calls while I am in the holding area chugging water to inform me that she has taken a piss test of her own and she popped hot.

  2. I prefer to skim thru posts and when I saw pissed hot I thought it was steroids.

  3. What, no love for the future All-American I just planted?

  4. Congrats on conceiving!

    (But, in all honesty...we previously polled in a secret private forum and determined that you probalby shoulnd't be allowed to got away this time! j/k, bud!! congratz again!)

  5. Oorah Devil Dog! You got some all right. Congrats on the future Teuful...

    Nevermind, thought you were a Marine...BOOOO Army!



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