GLANDULAR type of fat on body other than breast...

  1. GLANDULAR type of fat on body other than breast...

    i tried, and tried,... AND TRIED to get research on this on the internet for hours..

    basically, why is some fat glandular.. fiborious feeling, and some fat smooth???

    i have a very slight case of gyno with about a 1cm diamter of the glandular type breast tissue behidne one of my nips...

    this same kind of tissue is located in my inner thighs, a little on my lower stomach.

    what is this ****?? is it the same stuff as in my breasts?

    i'm just completely lost sorry.

    anyone care to basically educate me on the anatomy of fat.. and is this normal


  2. hard tissue behind your nipple should be an actual gland which grows with gynecomastia... it is not fat. All adipose tissue is "soft," AFAIK. You may be feeling other kinds of tissue on your thighs and stomach... Lymph nodes perhaps? Although I don't know off the top of my head if they're in the thighs and groin or not.

  3. Here's an interesting link regarding gyno surgery. It has some pictures of the actual surgery so therefore I have to advertise it as GRAPHIC:

    The site also has many gyno case studies. All the links on the bottom half of the page link to them.

  4. ya this isn't gyno, i went to doc for it

    he said i'm just pinching fat and balling it together

    but i have glandular fiborous type **** all dissolved behinde of my nips

    the actual tits don't look any different..

    just i donno it's ****ed up.. i would trust the word of that doc but i think he knew damn **** about gyno and was just looking at how my chest actually looks like vs what's behinde there

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Black
    but i have glandular fiborous type **** all dissolved behinde of my nips
    Again, if there is glandular tissue behind your nipples, it is gyno, men are not supposed to have breast glands. But it is a common problem to mistake simple fat for gyno. If it doesn't bother you, don't worry about it.



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