Mackenzies smelling salts

  1. Mackenzies smelling salts

    Does amyone know if this company is gone cause they use to do sniffing salts for about £3 a bottle but i wanted to get some more (its been a few years) and i cant find anything about them or any of little bottles for sale.

  2. Mackenzies is owned by Actavis, and I can't find any information about the salts on their website. +44 (0)1271 311 200 is their phone number. I tried calling, but I live in the US and can't get it to dial. Amazon carries them as well but it's unavailable there too. There could quite possibly be a limited supply or discontinuation, but there are other brands who surely work just as well.

    *edit* just saw where they are totally discontinued and remaining bottles have sold upward of $40 at auction.
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