Gym memes

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  1. Gym memes

    A meme thread for everyone to share their favorite lifting/gym memes. I always find them fun bitches-be-like-i-need-to-go-on-a-diet-like-bitch-you-weigh-90-pounds****-you-tryna-lose-yo-lif.jpegserous.jpeg


  2. Keep them coming! These are gold

  3. I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

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  5. Quote Originally Posted by DemntedCowboy View Post
    Red Bull and PWO - meh, Radiate and PWO - now we're talking, lol.
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  7. 5164eecb5a480.jpeg

    bc im a basic bitch type of girl who loves titanic...
    I don't make sandwiches and I don't clean house BUT I do play PC games and lift weights. Instagram: unicorn_droppings_for_you


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