Advise please

  1. Advise please

    I am 33 yrs old been working out past 6 months breaking myself in from 2yrs of being lazy. Dropped 25 lbs. went from 228 to 203lbs. Would like to know if there's anything that's similar to cyanostane haven't ran any cycles since pre ban. Cyanostane many people don't like or simply say doesn't work. Me on the other hand I love it. If I'm getting a placebo effect from it than so be it. I used to run it at 40 - 50 mg a day. My current staples are animal whey, animal pal and animal juiced aminos. Doing 4 days on 1 off. I'm 5 10 did plenty of cycles before. Primo and Anavar. As for prohormones original superdrol 3 times. tren once, epistane twice, halodrol once and cyanostane about 7 cycles . Never did nor have much nowledge on sarms research chemicals and those new andro prohormones. But long story short would like to gain 7 to 12 lbs solid lean muscle that is keepable like anavar or those who used cyanostane would know. I do not pretend to know it all nor am I stubborn to advise. New here hopefully I get a helping hand.

  2. Have you tried searching through the anabolic section or posting there?
    ***PES Representative***

  3. If it was me I would stop running PHs and just run some gear! Test at 500mg a week has done me wonders!

  4. I did search found nothing on cyanostane and after your post. I made another in the anabolic forum. Still new here makin mistakes. But thank you

  5. Only foods I tried was primo n anavar. But primo I stacked with spawn when it first came out

  6. Lol not foods * roids

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Bcon View Post
    If it was me I would stop running PHs and just run some gear! Test at 500mg a week has done me wonders!
    hey @Bcon did you run an AI as well?

  8. I had a dex on hand and would run I think 1 mg 2x a week but I didn't get any sides.. right now I am doing a 10 day HCG blast at 1000 ius eod and am starting clomid right after for PCT


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