Testosterone boosters for beginners?

  1. Testosterone boosters for beginners?

    I am a 35 yr old male who is wanting to get back into shape.. I've been starting with Calisthenics, Unfortunately I don't have the "GO" anymore I have noticed not only with workouts but in other places. Didn't think it would happen to me at this age but I guess I got the **** end of the stick .. trying to put on in chest area arms etc. So the question is can anyone shoot some advice on a tbooster I am 35 bout 195-200 and 5'8 if it matters ..Would like to get rid of this last maybe 10 years of party fat off my gut as well lol .. thanks.

  2. squat. deadlifts. lose fat. sprints. burpees- all do wonders for t

    get blood work done to see how your endocrine system is functioning.

    then think about adders

    or you can get some tongkat ali and hope you are not sensitive to it.

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