What's the funniest thing you've seen at the gym?

  1. What's the funniest thing you've seen at the gym?

    So yesterday I was in a bit of a grump, stressed, annoyed by people in the gym getting in the way, using all the toilets at once and the terrible music.. however one thing lightened my mood...

    So I was mid-set, my concentration was distracted... I normally focus on the floor or piece of equipment when grunting away, but aware of my surroundings by peripheral.

    So, in the corner of my eye I thought a person with a very odd walk had come in for a workout. This then changed to "oh wow someone is actually lunge-walking down the whole length of the gym!" initially I smirked as it looked so hilarious.

    What got me is a second later, again in my peripheral, his mate followed closely behind in some sort of tandem gym walk! omg I was in stitches and couldnt stop grinning, it tickled me and couldnt stop giggling to myself like a little girl. I calmed myself down, being very childish, started some pulldowns facing the other direction this time then out of knowhere A KNEE! he was plodding past me this time walkign around equipement - I lost it.

    Yes Lunging, get it, fine, but walking around the place like an 80's video game character just made me laugh like a school kid. Im not a tw*t, I kept it to myself and made sure I didnt let on they were making me laugh but still, it got me!

    So, my thoughts were, if i find this childishly so hilarious, I wonder what else goes on around the world people find funny?

    What have you seen?

  2. Recently when I was at the gym in the locker room, I saw these two naked middle aged looking guys who appeared to be close chums towel flicking each other's love spuds and laughing at each other hilariously. I couldn't help laughing as well. They have me a disgruntled look though. I guess it was some inside joke that only they were privy to.
    "A dumbbell is a man's best friend"

  3. A guy was distracted by i don't know what.. that he went to hit the bench and didn't realize there was only one side with a plate.. he didn't get hurt so that's why I am laughing hahah

  4. I don't wanna give away any names but I grew up with a lot MUTF. Old school lifters and wrestlers here on the east coast. Put it this way. Wwe. started pretty much in my town.. before McMahon.. every body misjudges ounce in a while. Even my self at 15 an incline that was at school gym. Didn't have backing height on an incline I hada let go 325 over my bk or loose my arms. ..but best one iv seen IVAN crazy Russian. Squatting hada be round 6 change. In that red leotard... feel right back. .lol.. he was ok

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