Favorite way to record workouts

  1. Favorite way to record workouts

    Hello everyone. Since I was 13 years old, I have used a Five-star college rule 5 inch notebook to record my workouts. I have started considering moving to an app since I lost one of my notebooks that had a year worth of lifts in it when sometime stole my lifting bag and, since I have been biking to the gym I have been working to decrease my total carry to and from the gym.

    I am currently trying out JEFIT on my iPhone. I was wondering if anyone else has a system that works for them.

    Note either way I am transferring all my data to a secondary excel sheet after each lift now!

  2. Favorite way to record workouts

    I use google sheets. Perhaps a bit excessive, but i created each day as a separate google sheet and the question portion is simply the exercise and rep scheme. For example
    Rep 1

    I put my weight in the enter portion. After i submit google sheet I can create an excel sheet out of it my 1 click in google forms

  3. I use JEFIT. It is good enough for my purposes

  4. memorize

  5. Tried out the few listed. I'm sticking with JEFIT. Great set up and I enjoy the analytics especially since I can exports to excel/R. Highly recommend

  6. My favorite way to record workouts is to NOT record workouts...


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