1. Halodrol

    Hey guys, any idea or experience with halodrol? Just wondering whether or not this can aid with increasing push ups,pull ups, and sit ups

  2. As in add reps.. lower dose at 50mg.

  3. Just curious... Why would you want to to take a prohormone just to help with push ups, pull ups and sit ups? My guess is you have a fit test to pass?

  4. Just to accel, the test I have to pass I crushed. I just had this bottle of halo for the longest time and I kinda want to take it. If it's going to hinder me i won't even bother but, if it can aid me with proper support supps, I would like to give it a shot.

  5. I figured if I can drop alittle body fat on top of all the endurance training I do, maybe it could help?? Im only wondering since I will be running a low dose (50mg)

  6. I also do the main lifts, dead, squat, overhead press, bench. 600, 315x20, 135x25, 375-385

  7. Yes it can and will help. Do you have a pct in place? Like a real post cycle with a serm? This stuff WILL shut you down, but not a big deal if you have a pct.

  8. No I don't, what site can I order it from, message me if need be. Will a low dose affect my cardio negatively?

  9. Just use Google and you'll fid your pct. Or do more reading on here!
    And yes, it def helped w my endurance. It's not like tren in that regard, even tho they say a Very small percentage converts to it. I think there is a completely different mechanism of its own that leads to a nice clean bulk for most, as well as a nice leaning effect if training is on point.

  10. I won't experience loss of endurance with proper pct?


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