Should I start TRT

  1. Should I start TRT

    Hello everyone!
    I am new here .

    In a past two months I gained 27 lbs, so from 230 I went to 257 lbs, I have a lot of muscle in my upper body, but can't lose visceral fat. I work out every day heavy lifting, I do HIIT cardio, I am on Atkins diet, but nothing seems to work. I start gaining weight in past two years. Before that I was all muscle.

    I went to see doctor who tested my blood and it appears I have low testosterone. So he put me on HCG twice a week 100 units, sermorelin (every night) and T3/T4 because of my thyroid problem.

    Currently I am on medication for two month, I gained more muscle but didn't lose any fat. My doctor wants to put me on testosterone to bring it up to normal levels , but I am concerned that my own production will be shot down and I won't be able to conceive a baby ( my wife and I trying for two years).
    My question is: If I have low testosterone level and doctor puts me on TRT to bring it up to normal level will I still produce sperm (because levels won't go over board) or it still will effect my fertility and I should try something else?!

    P.S. Sorry for mistakes, English is not my native language (I am European).

  2. Do it! It will only help you!

  3. My goal is to lose visceral fat and have a baby!!! I just don't want to screw my chances with fertility! My doctor says he sees all the time guys conceiving babies while on TRT. But I would like to have more info and I can't find it anywhere.

  4. Sorry lol! Most men will come off of trt and take Hcg when your going to have a child. Most men will not have to stop trt, but you may have to stop. If just stopping doesn't do the trick they can put you on Hcg that will help pull the lydig cells out of senescence (sleep), and then sperm cells can germinate.

  5. Also I've been obese for 10 years, but I've lost 60 lbs and you can look into all these fancy diets and stuff and they may increase the rate at which you lose weight and help maintain muscle, but at the end of the day the only real way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. Unless you use coke, Meth, dnp or another some other sketchy drug. I would recommend intermittent fasting, I lost 60 lbs in 6 months, and kept most of my strength.

  6. What are you taking or eating to make you gain 27lbs in 2 months? That's a bit drastic. If a majority of that was fat, you may not need TRT yet. How old are you?

  7. I am 37 years old, I decina increased my muscle mass in past two months but my belly fat didn't go anywhere.
    My medication is HCG twice a weak, sermorelin every day and t3/t4.
    I don't eat more than 20 carbs and 1800 calories per day. I am on a low carb diet. But my waist increased in size of 2 inches.

  8. Dang. I'm 40, and 5'8", holding around 225. If I eat 1800 calories, I start dropping weight whether I work out or not.

  9. Yeah I am 5'11" and diets stopped working for me. I think my hormones out of balance.


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