Anyone ever use Amazon...?

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    I had coworkers who would laugh because I would order bar soap when they said you can just stop at Walmart on the way home. They get quiet when I show them it's cheaper from Amazon, don't have to stop and deal with lines, people, etc. I get damn near everything from Amazon with prime now, and have for around 4 years or so.
    Exactly. I would pay more for the convenience, but it ends up being cheaper.
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  2. Never once had an issue myself and their Customer Service is phenomenal

  3. Well I must say, it sounds pretty......rad!

  4. I've started using amazon for all my supplement orders now and I've never had any issues. I did use them prior to being a prime member too and everything went well, they generally stick to the timing guidelines they give you when you order, but i guess there are going to be exceptions when problems come up

  5. With the fees Amazon charges one would think they would be the most expensive. Folks just want to move product and that hurts everyone. Too bad. and charge much less than Amazon. Same with Bonanza yet all three have much less traffic.

  6. Only twice due to me not noticing it was going to ship from overseas. A tool I ordered took a month and a half. And another order was a frothing pitcher I ordered the gf that still hasnt showed up and that was placed back on Jan. 26th. It was only $3.62 so I just let it go waiting to see if it will ever show up like a year later.

  7. Used Amazon last night and bought some SWEET Hulk Hogan shirts

    Whatcha Gonna Do....When Manimal-Mania RUNS WILD...ON YOUUUU?


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