Poll: favorite BB currently competing

favorite BB currently competing

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  1. I would like to see Cutler take it one of these days.

  2. Basedow.

    no wait, King Kamali!
    * I don't think Kamali is a top bodybuilder, but I met/know the guy so it's neat to me
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  3. Lee Priest as my favorite but regarding the GH gut pic a lot of those photographs are taking when the BBer is exhaling or relaxing etc etc. You can take a series of pics from the same contestant from the same show and there will sometimes be huge differences.

  4. Jay got my vote, the man is simply massive just needs more detail is his back double bi pose and has to dry out his lower back. His back width has caught up to Ronnie!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by IRserge
    His back width has caught up to Ronnie!!
    i think that's a bit of an over statement there .. jay has a wide back but ronnie is like a 747 with those wings

  6. Nah, Jay (in proportion to his height) is the widest guy on stage, and in actual inchest has to be atleast as wide as ronnie.

    He's just nowhere as dense...he looks like a table top. LoL

  7. i don't know kwycke .. i'm gonna have to disagree .. i really think ronnie is wider .. thickness its not even a comparison (maybe dorian could compare .. maybe)

  8. Dorian def. is very dense in the back. I'd say he's got density to compare, but not width. Jay has width, but not the density.

    Ronnie has the greatest back of all time, but Jay cutler's is as wide and will eventually be wider, IMHO.

    Cutler v. Coleman

    It's getting pretty close. Coleman may have a "tad" on him. But, Cutle is a bit younger. I think Cutler's body structure will just allow for that kind of massive width.

    I don't think he'll ever has as impressivea back as coleman though.

  9. in that first coleman v cutler pic i don't think ronnie was FULLY spread yet ... jay is definitely VERY wide ... hmm maybe just as wide .. i may have to issue a retraction lol

  10. To me it looks like yates still has Ronnie. Maybe it's the black and white photo that does it.

  11. I have another guy that should definitely be thrown into the list as well, that being Dennis James. The guy is so freakin' thick he resembles a comic book character. His offseason photos are absolutely insane.
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  12. does he take steroids?
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    in that first coleman v cutler pic i don't think ronnie was FULLY spread yet ... jay is definitely VERY wide ... hmm maybe just as wide .. i may have to issue a retraction lol
    I think you're right...ronnies not fully spread out. Either way, they're big mofos.

    Quote Originally Posted by max silver
    DJ does look great. However, I see soooooo many photoshopped DJ pictures I just wait until he hits the stage to see what he looks like

  14. Quote Originally Posted by CEDeoudes59
    does he take steroids?
    Of course not you "silly goose" steroids are illegal...only hooligans, rapists, and murderers take steroids.

  15. With those DJ pictures, if I recall correctly the man himself posted them online, so that makes me believe them to be actual valid pictures. I personally can't really see evidence of photoshopping, I just think the guy is actually that damn big.

    It is a shame he can't keep more of that size before hitting the stage though, he's one guy that tends to look better 10 weeks out than the day of the contest.

  16. That DJ pic is not photoshopped, but 1/2 the ones I've seen are.

    You should see the DJ pic above in photoshop form LoL

    I think Cutler looks better a few weeks out than on stage, too. Maybe they've got some sick BBer form of anorexia and just over-diet?!?

  17. I voted for Gustavo, but I do agree with Glen, his GH gut is getting bigger! I hope it doesn't get anymore, as his physique(well to me anyways) has the size and proportion that I would want to attain.

  18. here's a photoshopped DJ pic
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  19. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    here's a photoshopped DJ pic
    Yep, that's one They did a damn good job, too.

    I've seen another good photoshop of world harris that looked insane.

  20. Yates is one of my all time favorites. Now Cutler or Dexter if I had to pick from that list.

  21. I'd have to say Ruhl. I admire his size, and I try to get my body like his (except for the gut ). I do think the new narrow wasteline rules will effect him, but you cant ignore a guy that has that much mass, plain and simple.

  22. I think they should make a points system where they would measure certain bodyparts compared to the waist size and give points based on proportions. For example, chest/waist, quad/waist. That would be a real incentive to watch the proportions.

  23. My vote goes to melvin anthony. The guy has an amazing back and his waist is non existant. Very classic proportions with a modern day posterrior chain.

  24. Melvin Anthony? I don't see what you mean...

    Actually, I think I do. OMG look at this guy's proportions!

  25. MA has a freggin' 27" waist and 21" arms....its ridiculous.

    If now were anything before 1990, Melvin Anthony would probably be Mr. O.


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