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  2. Hey everyone, just joined the board. I'm a young guy from the midwest who will be graduating with a bachelors in health science this May. Four years ago I lost a little over 100 pounds dropping from a fat 270 to a scrawny 166. Ever since then I've been hooked on exercise and working on gaining strength and size. I love learning about nutrition, training, and everything else that goes along with it. I joined to be around like minded people and hope to learn from some vets. Thank you all.

  3. What's up! Im Morgan. I've been training off and on sense high school and have done many bulking and cutting cycles. I used to always want to lift heavy weight and did. Now I could care less, bc as I have been getting older, I ache more so I slowed down on heavy lifting. Now all I care about is looking good. I've learned a lot over the years but never enough!😎


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